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Is Aero Whatsapp Safe? (Unbiased Review)

Starting as an application to display statuses in the Contacts menu to see if a person is on a call, it emerged into the giant of messaging and calling apps called WhatsApp. WhatsApp continues to be extremely popular as it gets updated with new and exciting features regularly. Whether searchable messages, trimming long videos, mirroring the app on a browser, group audio, video calling, two-factor authentication, or end-to-end encryption, Whatsapp has several features that make it attractive for its 2.78 billion monthly users. 

Is Aero Whatsapp Safe?

But if you think more is more, there is nothing like too many features. So, if additional features and personalized customizations are what your heart desires, then you are in the right place. WhatsApp Aero is just the alternative you need. We will get into the details of WhatsApp Aero, its features, and potential drawbacks. So, if you are wondering is Aero WhatsApp safe, delve right in. 

Is Aero Whatsapp Safe? | What is Aero WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Aero was created when an independent developer called Bozkurt Hazar took matters into his own hands and decided to broaden the horizons of texting apps by getting over any limitations and including a plethora of features that are not generally available. However, WhatsApp Aero is neither officially associated with nor endorsed by WhatsApp Incorporation; it is named so because it is a modified version of WhatsApp. The customization options available on WhatsApp Aero make the user interface more fun and colorful and give the user better control over their messaging experience. 

Do you need Aero WhatsApp?

Despite the massive popularity of WhatsApp, the application is not updated as regularly as users would like. With a few significant updates every year, WhatsApp remains relevant for its ease of usage, but it does not make for an enthralling experience. Some people prefer an application that offers premium features and customization freedom. That is where Aero WhatsApp comes in. 

Features of Aero WhatsApp

While the app layout and basic features emulate WhatsApp, it knocks it out of the park with its unparalleled features encompassing a customizable interface and privacy settings. So, if you love giving personal touches to your belongings, you should avoid doing so in your favorite application. And if we are spot on in your description so far, you will love these features.


Advanced privacy settings are always an attractive feature, and with WhatsApp Aero, you can easily limit the information you share with your contacts. Hiding your online status, turning off read receipts, hiding entire chats, choosing who can view your profile image, and status updates are just a few things you can do with WhatsApp Aero. Unlike the official app, you can also freeze your last seen, which requires you to turn off your last seen to prevent sharing that bit of information. Additional custom privacy settings exist for groups and broadcasts, including hiding your view count. 

Features of Aero WhatsApp

App and Chat Customizations

Customization is the heart and soul of WhatsApp Aero and probably its claim to fame. The best part about it is that it doesn’t cost a dime. The app interface can be entirely personalized by changing everything from themes to colors, fonts, and backgrounds. These changes can be made by clicking on the three dots in the upper left corner, selecting the Aero Privileges option from the menu, and fiddling with all the styles until you find something that speaks to you.

And the fun does not stop there, as you can also personalize your chat screens by completely transforming the user interface to suit your requirements best. We have saved the best for last, which is the ability to change your app icon. We don’t know how anything can be customized more than that. 

Unlimited Media Sharing

Where the official applications limit the number of files you share and the number of groups or spaces, WhatsApp Aero waltzes in like a superhero to save the day. There are no limits to the number of files you can share, but there are limits to the number of times you can share. Typing in your text following with the number of times will send the same message to a contact that many times. Use it for urgency or fun; it is entirely up to you. 

Forwarding Options

WhatsApp limits the number of groups you can forward a message to, and even if you do, the pesky little tag tells the receivers that the message has been forwarded. With Aero WhatsApp, you can move past all that as you can now forward messages in 250 groups instead of the mere 5 in the official app and resend messages without the forwarded tag. You can achieve this by simply turning on the Disable Forwarded option in the Privacy section of user settings.

Auto Reply

This is the most valuable feature of Aero WhatsApp, primarily if you are a working professional and communicate over messaging apps. This allows you to preset messages that can be used to reply efficiently and swiftly across multiple contacts. 

Anti-Delete Options

If you are using WhatsApp, there is no way to find out when someone deletes a message after sending it. This concentrates the control over the message viewing on the sender’s end. WhatsApp Aero rectifies that with its Anti-Delete Message feature that can be activated in the app’s privacy settings, allowing the receiver to view deleted messages. This feature also extends to status updates with the Anti-Delete Status option that allows you to view deleted status updates. 


Every day has a different flavor, so why should your chatting apps look the same? The extensive theme store of Aero WhatsApp will be your new favorite if you are all about aesthetics. With over 3000 themes to choose from, and yes, you saw that number right, you can pretty much change themes daily and still not run out of options for years to come. 

aero whatsapp


You can also add personalized widgets on your home screen to access Aero Whatsapp or check notifications quickly. And rest assured that you will be graced with several options. To access this, go to Aero Privileges by clicking the three dots on the top left corner and proceed to find the Aero Widget to select from a range of attractive widget options.

Call Blocking

You are also free to avoid unwanted calls by exclusively blocking their calls without blocking the entire contact altogether. Also, the user whose calls you have blocked would be oblivious to this as they will be able to see that their calls are being placed and ringing. 

App Lock

App Locks are a staple if you want to keep your messaging apps private, but not all locks effectively accomplish the goal. But Aero WhatsApp does not like taking risks as it features an in-built app lock. You can also choose whether you want a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint unlock. 

Is Aero Whatsapp Safe? 

Considering the potential drawbacks and concerns of any application will never fail you. WhatsApp Aero is a modded version of WhatsApp and is generally considered safe. The developers make sure that their users never get into trouble. But there are instances that you must be aware of to download the correct application and use it safely.

Account Suspension

Using a modified version of WhatsApp violates WhatsApp’s terms of service and only allows users to connect with other users through the official app. However, Aero WhatsApp, among other modded apps, generally does not face this problem, but detecting an account not using the official version can lead to account suspension or termination. 


Aero WhatsApp is unavailable to download on the Google Play Store or App Store. If you want to download, you must find a third-party application that allows downloads from unknown sources. So you need to be careful and only download WhatsApp Aero from its official website or other trusted websites, as unknown third-party sources may contain malware that can damage your phone if not detected. 

Is Aero Whatsapp Safe? 

Data Breaches

As mentioned, WhatsApp Aero is not affiliated with WhatsApp Incorporation, so it does not receive the security updates that official WhatsApp does. This means that Aero users might find themselves in a bind in security or data breaches and will not receive the same level of assistance as the official app users. 

However, we think it is a good time to mention that these are all potential risks Aero users may face, but WhatsApp Aero has not run into any of the above-mentioned problems since its inception in 2018 and release four years later. Developers make This possible by considering the present risks and creating advanced security features. So, it is safe to say that it is not likely that any of the above-mentioned issues will see the light of day. 

Download and Installation Guide

We hope to convince you how important it is to download the right application for a trusted website. So, let’s see how to do just that.

  1. You must enable downloads from unknown sources to download any application from a third-party source. 
  2. Go to your phone settings and locate the Security menu to do that.
  3. Scroll down to find the Unknown Sources option and turn it on.
  4. Now, visit the official Aero WhatsApp website and locate the download link. 
  5. Tap on the link to initiate the download.
  6. When the download finishes, visit your device’s file manager and search for apk files or enter the name in the search bar.
  7. A popup will appear, prompting you to begin installation. 
  8. After the installation, you can locate the app icon on your home page.
  9. Launch Aero WhatsApp and begin using it. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Is Aero WhatsApp safe?

What is Aero WhatsApp?

Aero WhatsApp is a modified version of the beloved texting app WhatsApp with additional features and customization options for free of charge.

Who owns Aero WhatsApp?

Aero WhatsApp was developed by Bozkurt Hazar, who is an independent developer. He has also developed modified versions of social media applications like Instagram and X(formerly Twitter).

Who owns Aero WhatsApp?

Is Aero WhatsApp different from WhatsApp?

Aero WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, but it is not officiated by WhatsApp Inc. It is a third-party application unavailable on the Play Store or App Store. 

Conclusion | Is Aero WhatsApp safe?

Aero WhatsApp has aced the modification game for its enhanced features and personalization options and is an excellent choice for users who spend a lot of time on messaging apps. With an impressive list of features, it is certainly an attractive choice. We have also outlined potential drawbacks so you have all the details necessary to form an informed decision and see whether the pros outweigh the cons. We also hope to have made your lives a bit easier with the download guide. That is all from our end today, and we hope to see you again. 

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